Let the Wisdom Horse Messages
Inspire you on your Path to Brilliance!

Ever wonder how your life would change if you took the time to tune
into the Wisdom of Horse on a regular basis?

That's what I did for more than a month and
I share with you every personal insight and healing tool I received from the horses!

Head on over to the Equi-Heart Pledge, where 30+ videos share with you healing, informative, and inspiring messages straight from the heart and soul of Horse!

These are messages you can use right now, to start shifting your life, with the help of Horse!

Visit now: Equi-Heart Pledge Video Blog

And may Horse be with today and all days!


Gallop Forward into Your Most Magnificent Self with the Help of the Higher Horses!
The Pegasus, Unicorns, and Horse Collective, are ready to help your Spirit Soar!

Jennifer Oikle, Ph.D., 720-284-8502, drjenn@heartofhorse.com