Let the Higher Horses Power Up
your Soul Path this year!

Personal healing, clearing, and manifesting sessions
are available to take you to the next grandest level of your Magnificence!

Dr. Jenn is available as your personal guide into the realms of the Higher Horses, where you can receive the healing, clearing, and manifesting power you need to move forward on your path with more power, passion, purpose, and playfulness this year!

During your individual Soul Session you can connect with the Higher Realms of Horses, including the Pegasus, Unicorn, and Horse Collective energies, as well as other Ascended Masters and guides.

These sessions include intuitive guidance, energy healing, and clearing tools to help you step into your Soul's Essence more brilliantly in all areas of your life!
Work may also include healing your Sacred Wound, early childhood patterns which may be holding you back!

All sessions are personally designed to achieve your individual goals, so please contact Dr. Jenn to discuss your needs and design your own personal Soul Session with the Higher Horses!

Session fees are range from $45-$100 depending on length and type, however, if you strongly feel the call of horse and need financial consideration, please connect. We're committed to supporting everyone who is ready to partner with Horse to change their life!

Email for more info.

My Healing Herd and the Higher Horses are happy to be of service,

Dr. Jenn


Gallop Forward into Your Most Magnificent Self with the Help of the Higher Horses!
The Pegasus, Unicorns, and Horse Collective, are ready to help your Spirit Soar!

Jennifer Oikle, Ph.D., 720-284-8502, drjenn@heartofhorse.com