Welcome to Healing with the Heart of Horse,
where our passion is helping you
Heal and Manifest with the Higher Horses:
The Horse Collective, Pegasus & Unicorn Energies!

This website is part of the Equestrian Enlightenment Alliance!

Our vision is to support the Awakening of Humanity
through the Heart of the Horse.

We desire to inspire healing transformation on a personal level,
while we aspire to embody a soul to soul relationship with our Dear Friend Horse,
whether in spirit or earthly form.

It is our experience that Horse has come to Help Heal the Heart of Humanity....
and to help usher in the next Stage of Human Evolution to Higher Consciousness.

All over the world humans are partnering with Horses, of Spirit & Earth.
I am one such human.
And I have attracted to me one such Healing Herd.
Together, we work with the Spirit of Horse
in a unique Alliance between Heaven & Earth, Horse & Human
to Empower each and every one of us to remember our Magnificence
So we can Share it with the World
Uplifting one Heart, one Human, one Horse at a time,
Until we can stand Together United,
Heart to Heart, Soul to Soul,
Awakened as ONE.

We hope you'll join us for the Whole-Hearted Ride of Your Life!

I'm Dr. Jenn your healing guide to working with the Heart of Horse. I'm here as your bridge to the the Higher Horses- who are eager to partner with you to heal yourself, other people, animals, and the planet!

Through our offerings you can learn to connect or strengthen your current connection to the beings I call the Higher Horses, which include:

~ The Horse Collective, also known as the collective Spirit of Horse
~ The Equine Lightworker Grid, which includes all horses in earthly form who wish to assist humanity in shifting
~ The Pegasus Energies, which you can connect with on an individual and collective basis
~ The Unicorn Energies, also on an individual and collective basis

If you've heard the Call of Horse, chances are that horses wish to partner with you on all levels, both earthly and spiritual, to assist yourself and others in stepping into your most magical, magnificent Self. You probably have a Spirit Horse, Pegasus or Unicorn guide or all three!

The Horses are glad you've found us and it's my honor to support you on your path in any way possible, with the guidance of Horse!

Here's a little bit more about me and the earthly horses who form my Healing Herd, which also support us in this transformational work! We live and play together a the Happily Ever After Holistic Healing Horse Ranch & Retreat, outside of Denver, CO, where you can visit for a personal healing retreat if you wish!

The Healing Herd Team

Jennifer Oikle, Ph.D.

As the human voice for the Team, I'm a lifetime horse person, as well as a clinical psychologist, dating coach, Reiki Master Energy Healer, and an Equine-Assisted Coach. I enjoy the equestrian pursuit of eventing, along with my husband Greg, who grew up showing Arabs saddleseat & Western.

I began my equine Odyssey at age 6, when I begged
for the birthday pony ride which would ignite my lifelong love affair with Horse. But it wasn't until after getting my Ph.D. in clinical psychology, with a specialty in love and relationships, that I was introduced to the emerging field of Healing with Horses.

That fateful moment sparked an unexpected Spiritual Awakening, from which, thankfully, I have never recovered! The horses themselves became my healers, allowing me to retrieve my True Self from my own Dark Night of the Soul, a 15-year journey with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

And the horses became my patient teachers, escorts, and guides into the worlds of Spirit, Animal Communication, Shamanism, and Energy Healing.

It was through my journey into these exciting, unseen realms that Horse asked me to step into my Role as Messenger, from Horse to Humanity. At first, I was reluctant! Was I really ready for this, I asked? But they assured me that I've spent lifetimes preparing for this assignment, and that now was most indeed the time!

So together with my Healing Herd of Earthly Horses, we serve as Channels for Healing through the Heart, Soul, and Spirit of Horse.

The Healing Horse Herd

We are blessed to have 7 very special Healers in our Herd at the Ranch. These are Magnificent Beings who are representative of all of the amazing Healing Horses who have gathered on this
planet to help humanity at this time.

They are honored to serve you! You can tune into any of them at any time for a personal healing message or energy healings directly from their heart to yours!

Or visit the Equi-Heart Pledge VIDEO BLOG for ongoing
Wisdom Horse Messages
directly from the Healing and Spirit Horse Herds!


22 yo TB Mare

As matriarch of the Healing Horse Herd, Seren is a master energy healer, adept at helping you identify, experience, and release core wounds and limiting patterns. She also embodies the Goddess Sophia, Wisdom Incarnate, and will help you connect with your own Inner Knowledge. A no-nonsense teacher, she specializes in deep grief work.


7 yo TB/QH Mare

As daughter of Seren, this dynamic duo often works as a powerful healing team. Frolic embodies the energy of the Guardian Angel, a deeply grounded, pure loving energy, which is also playful. She'll give you courage to safely face your deepest wounds, while reminding you of the essence of Unconditional Love. Don't be surprised if she makes you laugh, while you cry!


9 yo TB Mare

Charm is your loyal Steed, carrying the energy of the Warrior Goddess. A faithful companion on your healing journey, she's a specialist in charka work. Charm will encourage you to stand in your power, with grace & ease, while still maintaining that little bit of sass that says, "You go, Goddess!"


, Hebrew for "Overflowing with Joy"
4 yo TB Gelding

Carrying the new masculinity, Jaren will teach you the balancing of light & dark, masculine & feminine. He embodies several powerful energies, including the Pegasus, which will inspire you to grow you own wings to fly. And the Ascended Master, giving you access to your deepest inner wisdom needed for healing. Hard to say no to, he's also a master teacher of boundaries!

6 yo TB/QH Mare

GemSerendipity's second daughter, Gem's healing gift is the wisdom of compassion. Holding doubts about herself, as we all do, Gem sheds light on the way of unconditional Self-Love. A sensitive, kind soul, she carries Black Mare Magic and is a trustful partner when you approach with an open heart. An especially willing photography subject, Gem is featured on the Header of the website and on the covers of both e-books!: Awakening Unity with Horse & Spiritual Adventures with Horse


8 yo TB/QH

LegacyAnother of Seren's progeny, Seren and the Spirit Herd must have arranged his arrival, because we had no expectation of his joining the herd! In fact, his name belies his reason for being with us- having entered old crone stage, Serendipity has officially named this Black Wisdom Gelding as the carrier of her healing Legacy. He's got some big shoes to fill and we know he can because he, like Charm and Jaren, he's another Mystic Horse. He carries the energy of a Noble Knight and his Steed, spreading the New Camelot energies of Faith, Wisdom, Integrity, and Love. Shall he carry you into the Battle to win your heart over from Dark to Light?


5 yo TB

GalaxyAs the official 2012-2013 Hidden Healer, Galaxy came to the ranch from the race track for a year long project to raise awareness that there are Horses as Hidden Healers everywhere! This striking, tall, and majestic gelding will remind you of your own Power-filled Magnificence while his endearing sweet, silliness will invite you to play. But he's also holding the healing secrets of Pure Consciousness in his field- he's a special Galaxy Horse- embodying the healing powers found in the stars and universes!

Follow his special journey from race track to healing horse on his video blog here!

Jasper and the Spirit Horse Herd

As SpokesHorse for the Spirit Horse Herd, Jasper is one of the Guardians of the Spirit of Horse. A magnificent Black Stallion who resides on the Other Side, he has been one of spirit connections to the Heart of Horse. He made himself known to me one day when he arrived in my shower and asked me to channel a message to humanity and put it in a book which became Awakening Unity with Horse: Revealing the Whole-Hearted Bond Between Horse & Human.

Jasper and a herd of Pegasus and Unicorns, guide all of the creations and offerings through this site. They inspire all of the programs and their healing energy is embodied in all of the work we do.

Enjoy this painting of Jasper as depicted by Liz Mitten Ryan!

Jasper by Liz Mitten Ryan

And a poem Liz received around the time the Unity with Horse Book was completed:

People of the Horse 

Why are you called to us? Why does the very sight or smell or touch awaken
A longing, a forgotten memory; a place where we were one.
We flew across the heavens, you and I, one with joy and light.

That long forgotten memory stirs as you gaze into my eyes,
lost in the mystery of our communion.
We are in this together, you and I. I am here to carry you to the heavens, once again.


~ Liz Mitten Ryan

Please look around and enjoy your Soul's Calling to the Heart of Horse! If we may assist you in playing with the Horses, in earthly or spirit form, please don't hesitate to inquire.

Gallop Forward into Your Most Magnificent Self with the Help of the Higher Horses!
The Pegasus, Unicorns, and Horse Collective, are ready to help your Spirit Soar!

Jennifer Oikle, Ph.D., 720-284-8502, drjenn@heartofhorse.com