Ready to Manifest Your Heart's Desires
More Magically this Year
with the Help of Horse &
the Unseen Realms?

Have you ever been given a vision, maybe for love, an exciting project,
or a whole new destiny, but feel like it's impossible to make your dream a reality?

Maybe you know what you want, but no matter what you do to create it,
it still doesn't exist in your life?

Or maybe manifesting just seems like a plain old struggle,
like pushing a 100 pound boulder up a hill, all alone!

Believe me, I get it. My manifesting used to feel that way too...until the Horses shared with me a powerful key to magically manifest in an entirely new way!

In this innovative approach to turning your desires into reality, the horses showed me how to harness all of the unseen forces of the Universe so we never have to make it happen on our own, ever again!

In fact, by creating and activating the energy of your new creation in the unseen realm of energy first, and calling in a guide and helpers, you can now trust that you've got a whole team working for you to orchestrate all of the magic, calling forth all of the people, resources, and opportunities, you need to manifest more easily than ever before!

The process is called the Creation Matrix, and anyone can use it to easily and gracefully call forth more of whatever you want in your life.

And the Horses want to help you do just that so that this year can be your best year yet!

Join us and allow the Healing Herd here at the Happily Ever After Ranch, as well as the Higher Horses- those carrying the Pegasus and Unicorn energies in Spirit, help you step into the Heart-Centered, Soul-Centric FLOW, where magic really does happen! You just have to learn to ask, activate, take action, and receive.

Activating Your Creation Matrix!
Manifesting More Magically with the Help of Horse

A Special FUND-RAISING Tele-Class
To support the 2012-2013 Hidden Healer

Monday Feb 25th, 2013
7-9 PM, MST
During the Full Moon!

Special One-Time Offer: ONLY $29

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In this unique tele-class, you'll learn the Creation Matrix Protocol, a unique and innovative Manifesting Method given to me by the horses, that isn't available anywhere else!

When you join in, you'll come with something specific you want to manifest in the next year and you'll be guided through an experiential process which will include 3 Stages:

~ Creating & Activating your Matrix
~ Learning how to Use your Matrix for Maximum Manifestation Effectiveness
~ Clearing any Blocks to Receiving Your Manifestation

Within these stages, your Equine-Guided Adventure will include all of this and more:

~ The Creation of an Energetic Matrix for your Heart's Desire
This will be the energetic container which will hold the Essence of your heart's creation in the energy realm. All things which eventually manifest in our world, start out as energy creations- learn how to consciously and powerfully set this blueprint.

~ Filling your Matrix with all of the Essence Energies
Now you get to add the energies that will define your creation so your Matrix will now hold the vibrational footprint of your new creation- acting as a Magnetic Attractor for those people, resources, and opportunities which are an energetic match with your desired creation, helping them to flow to you with ease and grace.

~ Calling in your Creation's Guide
By having a manager for your creation, you no longer have to "figure it all out." You'll now have an expert who is overseeing your new project for you, who knows very powerfully how to make this happen as quickly and effortlessly as possible.

~ Calling Forth your Project's Helpers
You won't be acting alone anymore, because once you call forth your helpers in the unseen realm, it's their job to create all of the magic- the "Coincidences" that will orchestrate for you the perfect people, resources, and opportunities you need to make your dream come true.

~ Setting your Meeting Space
You can't just set it and forget it. When it comes to manifesting, you must be willing to take action in the world, which will allow your unseen helpers to make the magic happen. So in this step you'll discover the best way to connect with your Team including how, where, and how often so your vision turns into reality as soon as possible.

~ Anchoring Your Creation
In this step you'll learn a powerful action tool to help you anchor the energy of your creation into your daily life so that the energy acts as a powerful, intent antenna drawing toward you all of the serendipity your helpers are orchestrating for you behind the scenes.

~ Clearing your ability to Receive your Creation
Most of us get in the way of HAVING and RECIEVING our own creations with our hidden blocks, fear, and doubts. In this step, you'll learn a powerful process for healing & clearing these limitations so that you can be open to receive your heart's desire much more quickly! This process alone is worth the price of admission because you can apply it to all areas of your life!

In fact, the beauty of this class is once you go through the Creation Matrix Protocol once, you will now be able to do it for yourself anytime you choose to create something it's the gift to yourself that keeps on giving!

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Activating Your Creation Matrix!
Manifesting More Magically with the Help of Horse

A Special FUND-RAISING Tele-Class
To support the 2012-2013 Hidden Healer

Monday Feb 25th, 2013
7-9 PM, MST
During the Full Moon!

Special One-Time Offer: ONLY $29

Can't make the call? Don't worry.
Register and you can download the class and listen later!

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*Healing with the Higher Horses*
Attunements for Healing with the
Pegasus & Unicorn Energies

Learn to Heal Yourself, Others, Animals, and the Planet with the Higher Horses!

A brand-new tele-class series specially designed to attune you to healing with both the Pegasus and Unicorn energies so that you can uplift and heal yourself, animals, other people, and even the planet!

This is a very special energy healing class brought to you from the Higher Horses themselves and no previous energy healing experience is required!

Stay Tuned! More Info Coming Soon!
Tele-Class & In-Person Class offered in April 2013

Gallop Forward into Your Most Magnificent Self with the Help of the Higher Horses!
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